Not only women like perfume, men also like and need to have perfume in order to make them smell good. Unfortunately a lot of shops are selling a fake perfume lately especially in Asia country. They can not tell whether the perfume is original or not until they buy it and they try it. The original perfume usually will have long lasting fragrance the whole day with the fake one, the fragrance would just disappear within less than one hour.

Perfume is not always good for anybody. Some people who are allergic with certain kind of things should be aware when they select the perfume before they apply it into their body or cloth. IN this case you better choose perfume that has animal tested and not content too much alcohol so that it will not stain on your cloth.

If you are not sure about the originally of one perfume or with the type of perfume that suit you, now you can get better guidance and better selection through this site It is not only selection of perfume that they have, this site could also tell you the benefit of each perfume and good advice on which occasion that this perfume should be applied. That is what you should read first before you decide to buy one product.

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3 Responses to "SMELLS GOOD"

  1. I am agreed with you because I have a very bad experience about it when I shopped a perfume from an Indian shop.That was a third class perfume.

  2. Men are also very keen about it now and I think they should.

  3. hmm, you are raising good point, men should be also conscious about it because it always leaves a great impression to others.