When the Mercedes ForTwo Smart car begins to come in the U.S. in January 2008 a new sub-sub-segment is created. It is a niche market specialty vehicles for situations where the city parking scarce and expensive.

The people who make a statement Green is the 8-foot 8-inch Smart ForTwo will be more and more attention than the hybrids. This vehicle has more than three feet shorter than the Mini-Cooper: those with a "golf cart" is not much. You want to turn your head? Straight back from his Smart directly from the roadway edge, like a motorcycle instead of parallel parking. Both can lead to a common area.

Interior with a surprisingly roomy (2), Smart cars will be on the city dwellers in San Francisco, Manhattan, New York and other congested cities on both coasts. Most small cars in the U.S. is cheap, most of them are in Korea. Mini Cooper , Acura rl, Honda Civic review have shown that there is a growing market for the quality of small cars.And is short ForTwo. 1800 lbs and a weight of 70 bhp three cylinder engine in the back, the Smarts to a maximum speed of 90 miles per hour for a kiss.

2008 of the EPA fuel economy are 33 Comments city/40 highway. The benefits are bad: 0-60 mi / h in 12.8 seconds. Penske Automotive Group, the second largest of the chain, signed a contract for the sale of Smart and staff of 73 dealers in the country. The Europeans have been driving Smarts for more than a decade in which about 800,000 were sold in 36 countries. The full version will be exported to USA in France.

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