We see on the streets of America there are a lot of Residential Mailboxes. They come in all shapes, colors, designs and sizes. Are the property of the citizens and the U.S. Postal Service. But many of them are abandoned and dark. With up to spring, why not one day and improve.

It is truly frightening levels, not just the theft of Mailboxes from the old cast iron still, that in many districts of America, but also on safe locked mail to several departments, which are always easier to open.

Regarding the management of postal thieves for several lengths ahead of even the post office, of which more than a suspicion in any case. The common use of Commercial Mailboxes is always weak for me, although I think that since many of them are outside, no one will try the door on the day in desperate money would be the choice of a thirty-mail or other likely areas, personal information.

Well, as I was bad. About the equipment of the boxes, should an application for the changes faster.

The Americans couldn’t not criticize a foreign country to the invention of the mail boxes with several. This is an invention of the United States, by the appearance of neighborhoods, apartments and duplex. We should thank the UK worldwide, but for the invention of the procedure of the invention, a space where you can e-mail delivered to our homes. Before the idea of us came mailboxes attached, Britain has abandoned the mailbox post at the local level and the beginning of the 1800th .

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  1. This reminds me of that CSI episode where this guy filled his mailbox with cement because kids kept destroying his mailbox playing "mailbox baseball". When the kids hit his mailbox with a bat, the concrete filled mailbox breaks his shoulder, the bat shatters and hits the driver in the head causing the car to veer off the road, hitting a tree and killing both kids.